Floating Euphoria

Floating provides both physical and mental benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. Athletes use float tanks to assist in remediation of injuries and to give them a mental edge during competitions, however the health benefits of floating also include assistance with magnesium deficiency, relaxation, creativity, reduction of chronic pain, depression and anxiety. Research has shown regular floating can allow people to reach brain wave states that are normally only achieved by people who have practiced meditation for many years.

Our float pods are filled with epsom salts so that you float without any effort and feel a sense of weightlessness. The heating systems keep the water warm and you lose track of where your body stops and where the water begins.

Our dream pod float tanks have a built in water treatment system that automatically runs after each float. The treatment system comprises of a micro filtration system to remove particles, UV sterilisation to kill pathogens and automated dosing of disinfectant to kill bacteria. Feel safe in the state of the art flotation tanks at Floating Euphoria, and drift away in an altered state of conciseness.